Your Mitsubishi can't blossom without North Bay Mitsubishi! Get your vehicle Sping ready with our tips and tricks for making your drive into Spring easy. 

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Utilize your vehicle's space this Spring!

Whatever the fresh new season has you doing from moving, renovating or just doing some deep cleaning, the all-new 2020 Eclipse Cross, Outlander, RVR and Outlander PHEV have ample space to haul anything during your Spring cleaning.

We have plenty of cargo accessories for your Mitsubishi! 

Reversible Cargo Mat
Cargo Nets
Tonneau Covers
Trunk Non-Slip Grip Mat
Clean Off Your Windows

If your windows are covered in frost, you can't see other vehicles properly. Take a few minutes to clean off all your windows.

Don't block crosswalks
Always stop for crossing guards and crosswalks
Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians

Share The Road
Give maintenance and construction crews plenty of space and obey the rules and regulations when entering work zones.
Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists, but can be hard to see. Make sure you leave plenty of room when passing a cyclist.
Motorcyclists can be hard to see. Always check your mirrors twice before turning or changing lanes.

Fit Your Vehicle With Reliable Tires
Make sure that your tires are up to the task by having them inspected by one of our service technicians. In addition to tread, check the tire pressure routinely. Ask us about tire specials! 
It's time to start thinking about your Spring cleaning.

Remove accumulated clutter
Clean from the top down
Use a gentle foam based cleaner
Wipe down all hard surfaces
Scrub floor mats
Vacuum floors and upholstery
Wash all windows and interior mirrors
Tip: Avoid using oil based finishing products. They can leave a oily residue that attracts oil and dirt.

Avoid harsh car wash brushes
Carefully clean the salt off your vehicle while keeping in mind your vehicles paint
Wash the mud and dirt off your rims and scrub the tires
Tip: It is recommended to start with a car wash and end with a car wax.

Keep An Eye On Your Tires
Improper tire pressure can affect your gas mileage and increase the wear on your tires. To keep your tires in top shape, keep a tire gauge in your vehicle and check the pressure regularly. Schedule your next seasonal tire swap today!

Top Off All Fluids
Perform regular fluid checks such as; washer, oil, transmission, brake and coolant levels can aide in the longevity of your engine especially during seasonal changes.

TIP: Replace your wiper blades every six to twelve months. Ask us about new wiper blades!

Inspect Your Lights and Brakes
Check your headlights and tail lights regularly on your travels. Replace any broken bulbs as soon as you can.

Worn brakes will delay your ability to stop quickly on wet roads and could cause an accident. Check your brakes with one of our trusted service specialists to check and/or replace your brakes. Schedule a service appointment today!

Keep Your Battery Charged
Low temperatures in Winter cause your battery to work harder, by slowing down its chemical reactions. Our service specialists can test your battery during routine maintenance and oil changes.


2 cups good quality white chocolate chopped
1 cup Cadbury Mini Eggs
1 cup M&M's (optional - Easter peanut butter chocolate candy speckled eggs)

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Recipe from - "kitchenconfidante.com/white-chocolate-easter-bark-recipe"