Tire Safety and Wear N Tear

Tire Safety and Wear N Tear

Having exceptional tires will make a considerable difference in safely getting you to your destination. Not only is it dangerous to ignore the warning signs of a bad tire, but it's also a costly burden when tires malfunction suddenly and leave you stranded on the side of the road. There are four main signals that your tire may need exchanging for a safer set.


The low tread is perhaps the most commonly seen sign that your tires are past their lifespan. When the tread is low, traction is also at its lowest. That can cause slippage, especially on wet roads, that will lessen the control of your vehicle and hinder the tire rotation.

Check the tread wear by looking at your tires from all angles. If you notice uneven or irregular tread wear, tread bars, or low depth, it may be time for a new set. Our car tire centre will perform a tread depth check for you and assist you in replacing them it is too low.

Sidewall Damage

Any visible bulges or cracks in your tire need immediate attention. A bubble or tear in the wall puts you at high risk for a flat tire. Bulges, along with low tread, are usually accompanied by an unusual rattling of your vehicle at high speeds. Potholes, speed bumps, and gravel roads can quickly cause weak points to give out, so it's essential to fix this problem as soon as possible.


Air slowly escaping your tire is sometimes less noticeable, but fixing it is still essential to car tire safety. If one of your tires seems to flatten often or sooner than the others, you likely leak. Although slower leaks are less dangerous, it is still a weak point that can quickly become a significant issue when ignored over time. Usually, it's a sign that all of your tires are soon in need of replacement.

When To Replace Functioning Tires

Sometimes, you experience no problem with your current tires, but the older your tires are, the more prone they become to damage. The longevity of tires varies from vehicle to vehicle, so it's good to routinely have your tires checked whenever any other maintenance happens on your vehicle.

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